Friday, December 5, 2008

Lunch? No, I think I'll pass. I'd rather stay here and look like a better person for it.

About 2 times a week I forgo my treasured lunch hour to be more productive. Causes for such a decision vary: I have no extra money to go buy food. I'm too lazy to go somewhere to buy food. I don't want to drive back to my apartment to get food for fear of never leaving the warm and heavenly work-free space to come back. I am in a humor filled gchat conversation with a friend who may change her status to the red 'busy' status that screams 'I-actually-work-at-my-job-and-want-all-you-insignificant-people-to-know-it' by the time I get back, and I'd rather have entertainment for an hour than food. I'm engrossed in reading a newfound blog and can't peel myself away from the daily tips and tripes of a young mom with quadruplets. Anyhow, I decide to skip leaving for lunch and feel better about myself for doing so. "I am so dedicated to my job that I don't even want to leave for lunch! What a good employee I am!" runs through my head over the next hour or so.

However, every time I skip lunch I find myself in predicaments that could have been avoided had I just taken the hour to leave. By 3pm on Wednesday I found myself counting the bricks on the wall in my office (yeah,*casually shrugs shoulders* I have one of those really cool offices with exposed ceilings and's not a big deal...). If I had taken lunch then I wouldn't have gotten bored out of my mind until 4pm, in which I could deal because there's only one hour left. Or today, for instance, I went to Chipolte (no, it doesn't count as leaving for lunch because Chipolte is IN my building and it only took 5 minutes) and got a taco, an onion sliver somehow wedged itself in between the keys of the keyboard (yes I work while I eat, it's not like I'm looking at Perez), and I spent at least 10 minutes trying to get it out. As much fun as my office is, I can't imagine a dried out, old, disgusting smelling onion sliver would go over well with my irritated/exasperated/get-me-out-of-here side.

So I've decided, from these two minuscule but nonetheless telling, instances, that skipping lunch should no longer be an option. It doesn't help me. It certainly doesn't help the office. I mean, who am I kidding? I need that hour. I can't even write an email without taking a break.


  1. i dont do anything at work either! i love your blog!

  2. Wow, your situation sounds EXACTLY like mine! "buyers" go out too much, "bringers" never eat at the same time, and eating at my desk seems like the best option. I think that those who do not take their lunch hour should be able to leave an hour early. It's logical, right??