Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Call!

One last reminder to check out for all new posts. And guess what?! There's a new post already waiting for you! I've posted a little teaser for you below in order to motivate you to move your mouse a few inches to click the link above ;-)

Drivin' to Funky Town

There are pros and cons to every job and mine is no exception.

Pro: I work with awesome people.

Con: I drive 47.4 miles to work with these awesome people.

Quick run down of mileage: That’s 94.8 miles a day, 474 miles a week, 1896 miles per month, and 22,752 miles per year.

I know exactly what you’re about to ask (if you’re feeling compelled to ask me something)–How is that drive treating you?? (I’ve decided that I should tell people where I work before I tell them what I do, because, without a doubt, every person finds the distance factor much more interesting. I can’t really argue with them either.)

So, anyway, how is the drive treating me, you ask?

Well guys, the drive is not treating me very nicely. In fact, it’s downright mean. I do not enjoy beating the sun out of bed. I do not like that I can not fully indulge in happy hours after work (friends will most definitely NOT drive an hour to come pick your tipsy butt up no matter how much they tell you they love you). And worst of all, I do not like the amount of money spent on gas.

Why not move closer to work? Good question. For another post. This post is dedicated to my daily drive to Funky Town (Fort Worth, TX) and the Top 5 things I do to distract myself from the (almost) hour long drive. Get excited. They’re quite thrilling.

Click here to check out the rest of the post. Happy reading!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving Day!

Greetings devoted followers!

I'm sad to say that I have broken up with and have found new love with After almost two years with Blogger I realize that this is shocking news to most of you. I don't have much of an excuse, I just was simply swept off my feet by Wordpress and after spending a few days together and discovering all he had to offer, I couldn't resist the temptation and Blogger had to be let go.

So, I have transferred all of my (worthy) posts to the new site, created an "About" page as well as a "Categories" page which divides all the posts into their most relevant category, and toned down the background to make it a more clean and professional blog.

I realize that many of you are dedicated to Blogger and are quite shocked by this sudden change. You might even feel you are sliding into the role of the betrayer by checking out Wordpress every now and then for my new posts. Never fear, I have a solution! On your very first visit to my site you can click on the easily accessible button on the right hand side that says "Subscribe to Exclamation Points!" and receive my posts via email. How convenient!

Wait! There's more! Directly under the subscribe button there is an additional button labeled "Follow me on Twitter!" I'm going to assume most of you know what Twitter is (especially if you're reading blogs...another form of technological advance in the past years) and will start following me immediately. But for those of you who don't and live under a rock, Twitter is a way for you to stay updated with my brilliant musings and ponderings throughout the day. It comes in handy when you find yourself refreshing my page every five minutes to see if a new post pops up...

My goal is to keep Twitter abuzz with tweets filled with sarcasm, wit, wisdom, and hilarious sayings--all things which are found in my blog posts. In my opinion at least ;-)

As always, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc about the posts, and possible future posts, are welcome and urged. I can never hear enough from readers! And, if you're lucky, you might find your idea/suggestion the focus of a future post. Wouldn't that be just thrilling!

Looking forward to getting used to my new "home" over at Wordpress--stay tuned for more information and upcoming posts! Check it out at and

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Seriously, what's with the attitude?!

Since it’s Monday and before noon (meaning it’s still too early to start a countdown to quittin’ time) you can all go ahead and assume that I’m suffering from a severe case of the Mondays. So, if you’re looking for a post full of fluff, smiley faces, and positive thinking—look elsewhere.

Since I’ve been party to an abundance of pissy and pessimistic attitudes as of late, I think I’ll just make myself a temporary member of that fun club for the next few minutes and kick this post off with a little list of current irritations.

-There’s a reason why the working crowd are called “professionals”—we are supposed to act professionally. I don’t remember my parents sitting me down and explaining how to act/react if I ever get frustrated, angry, or annoyed with someone because they probably assumed I’m smart enough to infer that whatever the circumstances, I’m NOT supposed to act like a pissy maniac. And lucky for them, I was indeed smart enough to figure that out, and therefore don’t act like someone put a bee in my pants every time something doesn’t go my way.

-I don’t strike most people as a happy-go-lucky, smiley face type of gal, but when it comes to technologically conversing I will go out of my way to insert those little guys in emails, texts, and instant messenger convos. Why? Let’s do a little reader interaction to get that answer—Which sounds better:

A.) “I’ll be there at 8.” or B.) “I’ll be there at 8 :-)”

Answer is B. Quite simply, I’d rather have someone thinking I’m annoyingly overly enthusiastic than a complete bitch. People at work need to get on that train. And while we’re on that subject, or train, go ahead and completely eliminate all sarcasm in emails, texts, and IM’s. No matter how well I know someone, I will never know how they read things in their head, and so no, I didn’t see that episode of SNL and therefore didn’t get that it was a joke. I was this close to leaving thumbtacks in your chair, upturned.

-When talking in front of a group of people, don’t assume they’re hanging onto your every word… cause nobody is. Get to the point, be quick, and sit down. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s meetings that last too long because of that ONE person who feels like their voice sounds like a golden angel and we’re all lucky to be privy to such beautiful sounds. And on that note, even though I’m not in school anymore—this also goes for that kid in class that asks a complicated question one second before class is over. That kid probably became said employee and I dislike the both of you.

In summary, be nice, be quick, and be humble. This is a job, not a battlefield. Get rid of the ‘tude.

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