Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 10 Things a Blogger Needs to Know and Have

Not everyone has a blog, but these tips are useful for those you know who have a blog, and if you ever wanted to start a blog yourself. Oh come on, you know you want to ;-)

10. A trusty computer
Well, this is obvious. How are you going to blog if you don’t have a computer. Not too much else to say about this one…moving on!

9. A job with free time
Best-case scenario: no job at all. Is there nothing more enticing than a day at home, snuggled up with your laptop, blogging your little heart out? But before you slam down your pen and march out of the office, remember that you need a job in order to survive. You aren't Perez yet. Blog during down time at work (when you find yourself staring out the window, at the person in the building across the street, at the window, busy working, that's when you should work on your blog...creepster). Once your masterpiece blog makes you rich and successful you can have your grande finale at work and retire in blogland.

8. Writing skills
I’m not talking impeccable grammar skills-just the ability to come across like you passed 4th grade writing. In other words, stay away from “ain’t”. Also try to remember contractions (‘your’ vs. ‘you’re’ anyone?) and the correct use of “to” and “too”. Doesn’t anyone else cringe when they see improper use of those words?! Ok, maybe not. But it’s nails on a chalkboard to me. I’m just saying.

7. Ignore negativity
A lot of people haven’t crossed over to the blog-loving-side of the world. Too bad for them. For the rest of us, let’s try and maintain a positive attitude when someone rains on our blogging parade, shall we? They’ll figure it out eventually.

6. Entertaining friends
I suggest carrying around a small pocket notebook. When your friends (coworkers, siblings, acquaintances) say something funny/do something embarrassing/say something ridiculous/act horrendously, you simply jot down a few words describing the moment. Then, when you are in a blogging block, staring at the blinking cursor, wracking your brain for anything to write about, your dependable notepad can save the day! Warning: change names. No need to lose a friend over a blog post. (Then where would you get your inspiration?)

5. Blog love
Every blog needs a little love. If you’re a beginner blogger you know that more than anyone. So put on your sleuthing hat and find fellow bloggers. They’re out there, just itching for you to slather them with love and affection… and make them money…eventually. So be a follower. This is one of the only times you can kick up your feet and let others make (blogging) decisions and (blogging) stories for you. That is, unless you surround yourself with low lifes and negative influences. Then this should be an extremely easy concept for you. It’s simple: Follow blogs, and they’ll most likely follow yours.

4. Be creative
I like to think I’m a pretty creative person. But when it comes to creative technology…cross my name off the creative people list. If you find yourself in the same boat, no worries: there are people who can be creative for you. (Bet your ears perked up, huh? It’s always fun to find other people to do work for you) If you haven’t noticed (which would mean you’re blind) my blog is border-line boring. There’s no flair, nothing catches the eye, the colors are all wrong, it’s just plain disappointing. Especially when the posts are so darn funny, right?? (Riiiiight?) While devotedly following a blog I came across an advertisement for “Once Upon A Blog” (http://onceuponablog.org/) and low and behold, all my questions were answered by a blog genius. There are tons of blog geniuses. Shoot, maybe I’ll even become one and answer your questions. Get back to me in about 6 months. We’ll see.

Note: Yes, I am aware my blog still doesn’t look creative after consulting the blog genius at Once Upon A Blog. That’s because it hasn’t been changed yet, smarty-pants. Give me (and blog genius) a few days. Prepare to be amazed.

3. Have fun
Don’t let blogging stress you out! It’s supposed to be fun and happy! Easy and exciting! Entertaining and thrilling! And many other enthusiastic and positive adjectives! If you can’t think of anything to write about one day—don’t FREAK out. Take a few deep breaths, consult your notepad (#6 in case you weren’t paying attention), and try, try again.

2. Avoid Procrastination
Refer to blog entry #2 from a few days ago. I think that pretty much covers it.

1. Blog away
Get started! Go get em’! And send me your blog link so I can follow your success—or comment on your stupidity. Just kidding!


  1. I am experiencing difficulty in having people comment on/visit my new blog and one of my awesome 3 followers suggested this: SITS - http://thesecretisinthesauce.blogspot.com/

  2. I LOVE your blogging hints! It's like learning a totally new language; one I am still figuring out.

  3. Consider myself "slathering you with love and affection." (Is it working?)

    No, but really ... I saw you comment on Lyndsay's blog saying "wow, I think I have a similar writing style as you." Well, Lyndsay recently wrote on my blog saying "wow, I think I have a similar writing style as you." (I think you may be knowing where this is going.)

    And, finally, I decided to look at you, who's looking at Lyndsay, who looked at me, and that's how I ended up looking at you. (Wow that was fun.)

    Waddaya say? Check out my blog and see if you agree.

    BTW, good tips.

  4. The grammar thing is a biggy for me (I did a little post on this not too long ago. I can't stand when people confuse "there" and "their!"

    I especially like #7 and #5.

    Thanks for linking up on the past post carnival. I've had tons of fun reading everyone's posts! : )

  5. Great tips. But I'm a little nervous wondering how many of these I don't do!

  6. Hey I wish I would have come across this when I first started! Those are actually true!