Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Blue Day Cheer Upper

Last week while nannying, oldest child asked me a question on our afternoon walk.

Oldest Child: Why did you just do that?

Me: Do what?

Oldest Child: Do that big blowing noise.

Me: Oh. That's called a sigh. (sighs)

It was a bit refreshing to realize Oldest Child had not learned how, or had the need to, learn how to sigh. He may blow his top over his sippy cup lid not matching the sippy cup, but if that's his biggest problem, sign me up for a day in the life of a 3 1/2 year old please.

Which got me thinking that maybe it is the small things, like matching sippy cups, that matter. Or at least help, to get the big picture in view. So, on that note, a list of 5 things that brighten my day when feeling blue (or in need of a big sigh):

1. The parking attendant at work recognizes me as a loyal customer, therefore reducing the daily parking rate for just moi, nicknamed me "My Friend", and last week fought with another parking lot attendant about parking in his lot over the other one's lot.

2. Jon and Kate Plus 8. I watch this show in utter fascination- starting from how large Kate's belly was when preggers in the opening song to how many hours it takes to get 8 sets of teeth cleaned at the dentist. I feel lucky I don't have 8 kids (please don't hit me in the face, Karma, and give me octuplets in a few years...), and that alone, makes me feel better.

3. When people like Em over at Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit express their views about something political and it's like they took the words right.out.of.my.mouth, except said it much better. Take that, liberal media!! Why don't you stop drinkin' the kool aid and feeding everyone that iconic crap about our newly "crowned" king, oops, I mean president.

4. Lola's gained a few lb's. Watching her pork around my apartment is enough to make anyone crack a smile.

5. A warm day. It's currently 74 degrees outside. My sister, I believe at age 9, wrote an award winning poem in school about Spring. The first line was "Spring comes in a golden carriage." Yes, it does. Full of flip flops, lounging at the pool, bbq's, sitting on patios, long walks outside, and bright colored clothes. A glimpse of spring around the corner makes me sigh a happy sigh.

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  1. I sigh like mad. All the time. I've just always been a sigh-er. But not in a "blue" way really, it is just relaxing. But apparently it is noticeable enough since people comment on it all the time.

    I love the day-brightener list. I need to make one of those.