Saturday, May 23, 2009

Giving Six Word Saturdays a Try

Cate from showmyface came up with the incredible idea of doing Six Word Saturdays instead of a regular blog post. For those, like Cate, who actually post every single day I can see why Six Word Saturdays might seem like a breath of fresh air. For me, who is in posting rehab and trying to get my blog back on track, it also seems like a breath of fresh air since it takes no time, is easy Schmeezy, and entertaining! So here I go:

Thinks a beach sounds pretty good.

But then I decided my Saturday could also be described as:

Thinks a vodka sounds pretty good.

Then I realized I could just do this:

Either a beach or a vodka.

(If it were 8 Word Saturday I would add, "with sprite" so i could mix a drink, but oh well, I'll just be stuck with plain vodka.)

So there ya go! 3rd time's a charm. Post your Six Word Saturdays in the comment section and be sure to check out Cate's blog for her Six Word Saturday and others!

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  1. Glad you're participating - it's nice to see your blog ping my reader again. And I won't tell if you mix your vodka with some sprite on the sly. I would!

  2. I'll bring the sprite for you!!!!

    Six words... added to you!
    Thanks for sharing, HL

  3. Vicki- I actually ended up at the lake this weekend. That works for a beach, right? :-)

    Cate- Thanks! I'm really trying to stay caught up these days, I'm trying the whole 'write a post the day before' and it's a lot easier! I love 6 Word Saturdays, so glad you thought of it way back when!

    HL- Perfect comment! Thanks for stopping by, I'll be by to check your blog out asap :-)