Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work Withdrawal, You Can Get Through It.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been thrown into this thing called "The Holidays" where we don't work for a few days. I've been having a hard time adjusting. How am I supposed to blog when I don't sit in front of a computer all day and get bored? I figure that some of you might be going through the same thing so I think today's post should be: How to Survive the Work Withdrawal Period.

Note: This may be posted in parts because as "The Holidays" continue more instances might arise that I will have to properly assess and then remedy.

I'll start with the obvious--come to terms with the fact that you and the computer are a separate person. I know it's hard. You spend all day with Computer. He is your window to the internet, email, chatting, blogging, solitaire, maybe even online poker. Whatever you use him for, he is there for you. Unless you have my work computer who betrayed me. (I did get to leave early on Friday for those of you who read my PC and Me post...the screen turned a neon blue and I got the hell out of dodge.)

In order to fill the void of Computer you will need to replace it with something else. Like exercise. Ok ok, I'll be realistic--food. Let food be your window to new and undiscovered things. Work deprives you of binge eating so why not try it now while you have the chance.

Here's another big one--stop feeling guilty for doing nothing related to work. While at work we often find ourselves doing things other than work. It could range from taking a ridiculously long time to get coffee to facebook stalking for endless hours. I personally find myself strolling to the bathroom instead of rushing. Or remembering I need to email an old friend and describe every bit of detail going on in my life, down to what I'm wearing that day and what I ate for breakfast.

During these bouts of stalling a cloud of guilt soon settles over my head and rains down on my procrastination parade. So, when at home, watching TV or chatting mindlessly with a friend or family member, or sleeping in, and guilt barges in uninvited, remind yourself that it is A-OK to be lazy. Maybe you'll be SO lazy during your mini vacation that you'll be dying to do work on Monday! Right.

And last, but not least, for today--You can say whatever you want to now. Take advantage. I have a political preference that does not match my fellow coworkers. Any of them. I am the token (insert my political preference) in the office. Because I am currently positioned at the bottom of the totem pole I can't exactly nip their "casual" comments in the butt, or debate their (insert offending adjective) views with my intelligent points. I simple muster a half-smile, try not to sever my tongue, and give them a good ol' "aw shucks" shrug that really means "Coward. Trying your political points out on me since you know I can't fully disagree and tell you you're dillusional. Yet."

Now I can fully voice my opinions and comments to anyone, and anywhere, I please. I might just walk around the house spouting off every thought that goes through my head just because I can. (Bet all of you are glad we're only cyber-friends now, huh? You won't have to listen to any of my rants.)

Check back tomorrow for Part II.

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  1. Your blog looks like superfun. I will be back! (Beause I'm having some serious issues separating from Computer.)

  2. Super cute blog Header, I so need one with the boys and me. Now to come up with the money ... LOL.

    Come by anytime, thanks for checking my blog out! :)

  3. LOVE this!!!! It's so true.... and your blog design is absolutely adorable!!!!!



  4. Visiting from SITS. Glad you are back. Hope you are ready to go back to work.

  5. Came over from SITS, great writing!

  6. Call Me Cate: Thanks for visiting! I'm sure you and your computer are back together and better than ever :-)

    Alexis: Check out Once Upon a Blog, she's very well priced!

    Tabitha Blue: I should have called it "Blog Withdrawal" instead of "Work Withdrawal"...That's even more true!

    Nana: Thanks for the visit! I have to admit that I have a serious case of the mondays, but hopefully I'll find a remedy! Any minute now...

    Mama Wheaton: Thanks for the compliment! Come back anytime!