Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listen up Moms, this one's for you!

I recently posted about how Chelsea, at Design a la Mod, and I have started our own Public Relations and Design company, Blueprint PR & Design. Apparently, money doesn't grow on trees when you start a company, so we won't be making bank with Blueprint for quite a while. Which is where all you fabulous Dallas moms might be able to help me out by allowing me to help YOU out!

That's right, I'm advertising my babysitting and nannying services to the Dallas Blog world (I'm not opposed to babysitting elsewhere in the country, just let me know where to meet your private jet and I'll be there in a flash).

I currently nanny for an awesome family with 3 very hyper active kiddos (all boys, all under age 4) and I have a looonnnnnnng history with babysitting. See this post for further info on that.

Reasons you, or a mom you might know, would want me to babysit/nanny? So glad you asked!

-2 words: Bumblebee Camp. For around 6 years I held an annual summer camp in my backyard for 15-20 kids under the age of 7. I planned activities, organized games, and entertained for 4 hours every day for a week. If I can do that with 20 kids (at age 15!!), think of what I can do with just 3.

-I babysat all throughout high school and college. (Well, elementary and Jr. High if you count being a "mother's helper"...but I think it was more of an excuse to still play house and dolls without feeling immature and old.)

-Um, I'm awesome. I let kids crawl all over me like a human jungle gym. I tire them out so they take really long naps. I actually play with the kids instead of just watching them play. I come up with creative arts and crafts--even though I'm not the most artistic person in the world, to say the least.

-I have a pretty flexible schedule. You need me at 7am? Sure, no problemo.

SOOO, if you, or anyone you know in Dallas, is interested, please let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

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